Sunday, 2 August 2015

How to upgrade the XAMPP, without uninstalling the older version of xampp.

I have been wondering around, like how to upgrade my xampp and i was using the older version of xampp which was 5.3 which i installed some what around like 4 years ago, when i was learning the PHP at Hyderabad from Swami Naidu Sir, but its very inimical sometime to work with certain project on the localhost where you have to work with API using CURL and in my case it was not working because the module was not enabled and likewise many were not, however there was no problem with the latest versions of the xampp almost all the modules like curl are enabled already in the localhost, also i do a lot of project with the latest cms like joomla3 or frameworks like laravel where you get all the die function errors if you are not using the latest version of php, hence i decided to update my XAMPP at any cost.

Now after digging a lot of blogs and stack-overflow, i came to know about two techniques which iam going to share right now and  i hope someone will find it helpful whoever is facing the same situation.

Technique 1.

So  the first is about not removing the older version and just upgrading the php folder, so in order to do that follow the instructions given below.

Step-1: So just go to this link and download the latest thread safe version of xampp.

Step-2: Now i assume that your xampp is in your "C" drive, so just go to your "C:/xampp" and rename the old php folder as "php_old", create a new empty folder called "php".

Step-3: Now unzip the entire files of the new thread safe version of php into the newly created php folder.

Step-4: Now in the newly created php folder search a file "php5apache2_4.dll" or "php5apache2_2.dll" copy that file and paste it in the folder "C:\xampp\apache\modules".

Step-5. Now the last  step, go to "C:\xampp\apache\conf\extra" and open the file "httpd-xampp.conf" using a text editor, here you have to edit three things.

just provide/check correct path to these variable.

#). LoadFile "C:/xampp/php/php5ts.dll"

#). LoadModule php5_module "C:/xampp/apache/modules/php5apache2_4.dll"

#). SetEnv PHPRC "\\xampp\\php".

thats it, you're done.

Step - 6: Now just restart the apache and mysql using the xampp control panel, i hope it will work, if not like it happened in case of my colleague then please follow the second technique which is written below.

Technique 2.

Step: 1. Download the latest version of the xampp which would be a ".exe" file.
Step: 2. Stop your apache and mysql services using xampp control window, now rename the C:/xampp folder to C:/xampp_old.

Step: 3. Now run the newly dowloaded .exe file of xampp.

Step: 4. Now copy all the contents of "htdocs" folder from "C:/xampp_old" to "C:/xampp".
Step: 5. No go to "C:\xampp_old\mysql\data" copy the entire content of this folder to "C:\xampp\mysql\data".
Step:6. Restart your apache and mysql services now through the new xampp control panel, thats it and your done, and you will get the working environment with the same set of files and data which was there earlier with the updated xampp version.

Thanks a lot for reading :)

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